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Lamhasni Taibi


Conservation-restauration et Archéométrie


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Curriculum vitae :

Titulaire d’un doctorat en Sciences Physiques Appliquées, Professeur d’Enseignement Supérieur Assistant (PESA) au département Conservation-restauration et Archéométrie à l’INSAP.

Bibliographie :

Chapitre de livre :

H. Hassoun, T. Lamhasni, et al., “Implementation of Total Fluorescence Fingerprinting as a Rapid and Low Cost Approach for Monitoring Pesticide Remains in Soils and Waters in Morocco”. In: N.T. Danh (ed.), Morocco: Environmental, Social and Economic Issues of the 21st Century, first ed., Nova Science Pub. Inc., New York, 2017, pp. 121-164.


Articles dans des revues :


Younes Dehmani, Awad A. Alrashdi, Hassane Lgaz, Taibi Lamhasni, et al., “Removal of phenol from aqueous solution byadsorption onto hematite (a-Fe2O3): Mechanismexploration from both experimental and theoreticalstudies”, Arabian Journal of Chemistry 13 (2020) 5474–5486.


Taibi Lamhasni, et al., “Air pollution impact on architectural heritage of Morocco: Combination of synchronous fluorescence and ATR-FTIR spectroscopies for the analyses of black crusts deposits”, Chemosphere 225 (2019) 517–523.

L.H. Omari, L. Hajji, M. Haddad, T. Lamhasni, et al., “Synthesis, structural, optical and electrical properties of La-modified Lead Iron Titanate ceramics for NTCR thermo-resistance based sensors”, Materials Chemistry and Physics 223 (2019) 60–67.

L.H. Omari, L. Hajji, M. Haddad, T. Lamhasni, “Structural, optical and electrical properties of 0.97(PbTiO3)-0.03(LaFeO3) solid solutions”, Materials Today: Proceedings 13 (2019) 1205–1214.


Taibi Lamhasni, et al., “Photo-physics study of a styrylquinoline as inhibitor of Pim-1 kinase: Solvent and concentration effects”, Chemical Physics Letters 695 (2018) 59–62.

Sara Barbache, Taibi Lamhasni, et al., “Optical analyses of wool dyeing materials in ancient Moroccan carpets “Zarbia(s)”: Combination of UV-vis diffuse reflectance, 3D-fluorescence and Raman spectroscopies”, Dyes and Pigments 153 (2018) 256–265.


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S. Foudeil, H. Hassoun, T. Lamhasni, et al., “Catalogue of total excitation-emission and total synchronous fluorescence maps with synchronous fluorescence spectra of homologated fluorescent pesticides in large use in Morocco: Development of a spectrometric low cost and direct analysis as an alert method in case of massive contamination of soils and waters by fluorescent pesticides”, Environmental Science and Pollution Research 22 (2015) 6766–6777.


Abdelmajid El Bakkali, Taibi Lamhasni, et al., “Assessment of a multi-technical non-invasive approach for the typology of inks, dyes and pigments in two 19th century’s ancient manuscripts of Morocco”, Vibrational Spectroscopy 74 (2014) 47–56.


T. Lamhasni, et al., “Photo-physics study of an hydroxy-quinoline derivative as inhibitor of Pim-1 kinase: Ultraviolet–visible linear dichroism spectroscopy and quantum chemical calculations”, Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 113 (2013) 452–458.

A. El Bakkali, T. Lamhasni, et al., “Non-invasive micro Raman, SERS and optical absorption analysis of coloring materials in ancient Moroccan Islamic manuscripts”, Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 44 (2013) 114–120.